Africa Now At The Receiving End Of Climate Impact – Minister


Minister of Environment, Chief Sharon Ikeazor, has disclosed that Africa is now at the receiving end of climate change impacts.

Addressing a press conference in her office in Abuja ahead of the nation’s participation at the Glasgow conference of parties COP26, Ikeazor said the focus of Nigeria is how to strengthen “our ability to adapt to climate impacts”.

The minister, therefore, asked developed countries to also honour their agreement to mobilize $100 Billion per year by 2020 to support climate change action in developing countries.

The minister said Nigeria will be going to the conference with the aim of negotiating finances for projects that would enhance the country’s adaptation to climate change.

She said part of the negotiation would be for the Global climate fund to deal directly with developing countries, who contribute less to carbon emissions but are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, especially in Nigeria where the situation has taken a security dimension.

Ikeazor said Nigeria would be assembling national experts in climate change negotiation to get a good deal for the country, especially as the nation was making determined efforts to meet its 20 per cent cut on carbon emissions.

She said, “Africa is not one of the greatest emitters of Co2 but remained the most vulnerable, you can see the issue of flooding, you can see the issue of coastal erosion, you can see the issue of drought and desertification in the north.

“The herders’ farmers crises have been caused by climate change, is fuelling the crises between the farmers and the herders because of issue of land degradation and lack of water and land.

“All these are caused by climate change we have to adapt to the new reality.

“With every action we have put in place, we will be able to meet that 20 per cent, the issue we would have is the 47 per cent target conditionally, we would have to depend on international funding to do that.

“That is where the negotiations of the $100bn of the financing come in.”

She also explained that “Nigeria has a climate finance advisor because in the past we have not been able to access a lot of the funding because of the criteria that were put in place we usually have like the third party groups that are part of the processing of the fund we would rather access the fund directly.”

“Nigeria will have a pavilion to primarily showcase our climate action and green efforts, attract investors and engage and learn especially on innovative ways to meet up with the international standards.”

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