Class Eight Girl Commited Suicide After Finding Her Boyfriend With Her Mother In Bed In Ogembo

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A class eight girl commited suicide after finding her boyfriend with her mother in bed in Ogembo, Kisii County.

According to the suicide note left behind by the deceased, she said she decided to take away her own life to leave her mother enjoy herself with her new lover.

“I can’t live seeing the two of you enjoy yourselves.Thank you for grabbing my boyfriend Makori from me. I never knew this has been going on for sometimes. I wish you all the best with your new lover,” the suicide note read in part.

Police said the body of the 14-year-old girl was discovered by her mother whom after escorting her boyfriend found it lying inside the kitchen.
A teacher and also a neighbour to the deceased, told the press that deceased was always quite and kind to everyone.

“The pupil is often a quite girl. She hardly shares her problems with her colleagues. I think we are soon knowing why she decided to just end her life that way,” the teacher said.

She later informed the area chief who notified the police officers attached to Ogembo police station.

Police officers who responded to the site documented their crime scene reports and transferred the body to Christamarriane Hospital mortuary.

The woman is currently being held at Ogembo police as investigations into the alleged incident goes on.

The area administrator urged parents to always speak out with their children, adding that such deaths can be controlled.

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