How To Make Uziza Soup

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Because I believe there is no right or wrong way on how to make Uziza soup, so, I put this recipe together. The other time, I have some cocoyam but I could not lay my hands on oha leave to make oha soup. However, I decide to say, this is the right time to use what I have to make what I want.

Therefore, I went ahead to make this supper delicious Uziza soup with cocoyam and kale. By the way, kale is a very healthy vegetable, so adding a little bit of it into you diet is good for you.

Also, remember that you can always swap in and out of the ingredients I use here to suit your taste or what you have available. For this uziza soup recipe, I used uziza seed, you can use the leave or a combination of uziza seed and uziza leave.

Most importantly, do not make use of black pepper in place of uziza seed. They are very difference in taste and aroma, and doing that may ruin the taste of this soup. Also read the difference between uziza seed and black pepper.


1kg Chicken
120g Cocoyam paste
1 Mackerel fish (medium)
100g Dry cat fish fillet
1 Red onion
130g Stock fish
1 Tablespoon crayfish
2 Seasoning cubes
1 Scotch bonnet pepper
Salt to taste
1/2 cup palm oil

Cooking Procedure

I cooked the chicken and stock fish to tender with onion, salt, scotch bonnet pepper and seasoning cubes
Also, I added the dry fish, mackerel (ice fish) and crayfish when the chicken is cooked
After that, mix the cocoyam paste with palm oil and pour it into the pot. Add some water if you need to, stir and cover it to boil for 4 to 6 minutes so it will thicken up
Once the soup is thick, add ground uziza, let the soup cook for a few minutes
Add the chopped kale vegetable, stir and the food is ready.


Furthermore, you can decide not to use any other vegetable but uziza leave. Even more, you can combine oha leaves and fluted pumpkin leave (ugu) to make this soup.

If you don’t have cocoyam or do not want to make use of cocoyam, oat powder is a great alternative to use thicken the soup. Even more, replace chicken with beef or goat meat.

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