IPOB Helping Buhari To Enthrone A Puppet In Anambra….Asari Dokubo


Former Niger Delta Militant, Asari Dokubo says the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, will be held responsible if President Muhammadu Buhari installs his puppet in Anambra.

Dokubo was reacting to the sit-at-home order issued by IPOB a day before the November 6 gubernatorial election.

In an URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT which said was for posterity, Dokubo said “It has come to my attention that the DOS of IPOB has broadcasted a one-week Sit-at-home order in Igboland (as part of Biafra) starting from November 5.

“It is public knowledge that the Gubernatorial Elections of Anambra State of Igboland are slated to take place on November 6.

“It is therefore unequivocal that IPOB through its Sit-at-home order targets to disenfranchise Anambrarians from the Anambra Elections, from choosing their next Governor.

“Let it be known that with this order, IPOB is effectively enthrowning whichever candidate that Abuja prefers over Anambrarians. Let it be absolutely and clearly known to Ndiigbo that IPOB should be held singularly responsible for installing a puppet upon Anambra State, the Light of the Nation

“As offshoot from above, NDIIGBO should start drawing conclusions about the ultimate goals and targets of IPOB.

“Naked facts abound that activities of IPOB have systematically created excuses (flimsy or otherwise) for handing Igboland over to the Military Forces of Abuja for occupation starting 2017.

“The reckless activities of IPOB today in view of the Anambra elections will now institutionalize the occupation of Anambra via the ballot box. NDIIGBO, be informed before it happens


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