Miyan Zogale (Moringa soup)

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MIYAN Zogale (Moringa soup) is one of the popular Hausa soups. This soup is healthy because of the use of moringa leaves. If you have heard the story behind the moringa leaves, you will believe me that they are very medicinal and a healthy choice for vegetable.

Miyan zogale as well as most Hausa soups are served with semovita or tuwo shinkafa. This soup is very easy to prepare, it can be made in under 60 minutes, provided the moringa leaves are already parboiled. Moringa leaves can be hard sometimes and takes up to 60 minutes of cooking before they go soft. Just add water and start cooking. You can drink the water after cooking. It is medicinal.


Ground dried groundnut (2 cups)

Parboiled moringa

Cups of ground groundnut

Teaspoon of daddawa (local maggi)

Ground crayfish (3 table spoons)


Palm oil (150ml)
Ground tomato (400ml)


One cube

Salt and pepper to taste.(Half cup)


Parboiling the meat. Use onions, a cube of maggi, teaspoon of daddawa and a teaspoon of salt.

Heat your red oil for about a minute. Add the ground tomatoes and allow to fry for up to eight minutes. Remember to stir continuously, so you don’t end up with burned tomatoes.

Once the tomato is properly fried, add the meat with the stock and allow to boil for up to 10 minutes.

Add three cups of water and then add all the other ingredients except moringa and the groundnut.

When it boils for 10 minutes then add the groundnut but not much. Add and stir, the groundnut does the job of thickening the soup. Observe before you add more.

Allow it to cook for 20 minutes, when the groundnut is cooked you will see oil at the top of the soup. Then you can now add the moringa leaves. And allow to simmer for 10 minutes.

This soup can be served with tuwo shinkafa or semovita.


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