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The ripples caused by allegations brought against some members of NBM of Africa have led to the shutting down of the organization’s activities in its North American and Southern African chapters.

A few weeks ago, there were embarrassing fraud-related allegations against some suspended members of the organization in USA and South Africa.

The Pan-Africanist organization after appraising the situation considered the allegations against the suspended members as not only frightening but also repugnant to its image and sensibilities of its law-abiding members. The organization condemned any form of criminality and fraudulent practice that conflicts with the provisions of its code of conduct and constitution.

NBM also condemned attempts by some media and security organizations to undermine or taint the entire organization with the private actions of a few unscrupulous individuals

The group’s stance was stated by its spokesman, Mr. Oluwatosin Dixon, while addressing journalists in Abuja yesterday. He stressed that its chapters in North America and Southern Africa would remain shut  until members in the affected regions take steps laid out by NBM’s national body to dissociate itself and redeem its image by assisting security agencies to identify the bad elements amongst them whose activities are against the laws of the host countries and its own creed as provided in section 2 of its constitution. This will be carried out in addition to the profiling of its members in the two Regions. The profiling will determine members with genuine qualifications and conducts as members of the organisation.

He added: “NBM will not allow some unscrupulous persons within and outside the movement to continue to destroy its good image earned over years with a clear focus on its objectives and vision of equity and social justice.”



  1. I believe this to be a welcome development… We hope to see more progressive movements within the organization and our relationship to the larger society and the world at large…

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