Police Make Eight Arrests At Dowen College, 5 Students In The Net

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The Lagos State Police Command has arrested five more people at Dowen College in connection with the death of 12 year-old schoolboy Sylvester Oromoni.

Five of those arrested are students, possibly all those mentioned by Oromoni on his death bed.

The rest are dormitory masters.

Commissioner of Police in the state, Hakeem Odumosu, said the students whose names were mentioned are in police custody and investigation is on.

The accused students are Michael Kashamu, Anslem Temile, Benjamin Favour, Edward Brown and Agboro Emmanuel.

“Equally too, I have gotten in touch with my colleague in Delta State,” he said.

“Yesterday, I spoke with the mother of the deceased. I got them invited, so once they come now, we will be able to get the full facts of the case.

“The school has told us their own version of the case and the parents too, we will get their own version of the story.”

“Nobody is above the law”, he said, adding that the police would carry out its work in line with the juvenile laws.

Odumosu said four groups were involved in the case – the families of the children that are alleged, the school’s authorities, the deceased’s family, and the government.

According to him, the four groups would come together to do and witness the post-mortem that will be conducted on Sylvester’s corpse in order to achieve an objective result.

Sylvester Oromoni died last week from the injuries sustained during an alleged assault by five of his seniors.

According to a witness report by Oromoni’s room mate, the seniors accused Sylvester of snitching on them.

Following public outcry, government and the police moved into the case.

The Lagos government shut the school, while the police began an investigation.


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