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By Sunday Adebowale
Abeokuta, Ogun State

The BBC Africa Eye documentary on Black Axe premiered on Monday 13th of December, 2021 deserves an oscar as all the cast including the journalist acted well. Below are my observations, why I think this documentary was politically inclined and the exact timeline in the 52minutes character defaming documentary.

The Journalist, Otunba Gbenga Macjob claimed he just returned after 20years abroad meanwhile he contested for the Federal House of Representative (Abeokuta South) constituency under YDP in 2019.

He said “24 years ago, I witnessed the death of Dapo, we grew up together. Cultist shot my friend, Dapo in the chest – 5:59 minutes

“This is more than an investigation for me, this is personal” – 6:27 minutes

The gangs are expanding and is rumoured behind the backing of powerful men – 26:55 minutes

In this scene, the visuals are clips from endsars protest which occured in October 2020 and eventually led to a massare on 20th of October 2020 at Lekki Toll Gate and the nationwide mayhem that was unleashed during that period. This documentary is a charade because the journalist Gbolahan Macjob had called DJ Switch (one of the Lekki toll gate massacre survivors) a liar even when its clear to the blind there was indeed a massacre. What kind of biased journalism is this?

When the masked men were singing at the arena and tarnishing the government’s image saying the government hires them quite often to distrupt election processes, the man behind the singing man placed his hand (a claw) on the head of the singer. Which is a sign used by the Eiye confraternity during my school days. Those masked men are members of SEC. – 27:59 minutes

The masked man said “Me, I be men! I be NBM, I be butcher!” This statement clearly shows they are impersonators – 28:10 minutes

“One of the most famous member of the NBM in Nigeria politics Tony Kabaka” – 32:50 minutes

This is where the journalist, Gbolahan Macjob is aheading. He wants the attention of the government and indirectly blames them for his loss in 2019 which is the reason he is linking NBM and Nigeria politics.

Kabaka said “we now joined the Black….he stutters…”The Black, what they call Black Axe, Neo-Black Movement” –  34:02 minutes

People like Kabaka are toxic to the upcoming generation as he openly embraces being a cultist. How pathetic!

Kabaka then revealed the documentary is aimed at bringing down those cultist in government. He said “Cultism still exist because government is involved. That is the truth!” – 37:22 minutes

Kabaka further revealed it was all an intent to defame the character of some distinguised personnels in government. He said “If you sat me down and say, can you identify people in Black Axe in government? I will identify” – 37:31 minutes

Kabaka wants to blow whistle because the present day government doesn’t favour him, his party had lost in 2019. The opposition and present day government in Edo State destroyed his multimillion naira hotel. He seems like a man on revenge mission just like the journalist who also lost election in 2019 and claims it was his friend’s death 24years ago that warranted the documentary. Ridiculous isn’t it?

He (Kabaka) claims the NBM are trying to end the killings. – 38:18 minutes

The question is has NBM ever been involved in killings? Why is Mr. Kabaka blabbing?
He said “All we are is Neo-Black Movement of Africa. We hate oppression, we fight against oppression and we love unity – 38:22 minutes Contradicting himself.

He went on to say “Stakeholders, senior stakeholders there, they are cultist like me!” (beating his chest with pride) – 38:38 minutes

Uche Tobias has targetted the high ranking officers in NBM revealing the interception between Black Axe, Politics and Crime – 39:23 minutes

I think this dude (Uche Tobias) is a fraudster that has been ripped off (if you know that term) by an Axeman and is trying to get a revenge on the movement.

Augustus Bemigho is a very typical member of the Black Axe – 40:54 minutes

This statement and many others against the former president is the reason he reacted immediately, he also sought legal advise and is threatening to sue the BBC. He is not faceless atleast. Tobias is a faceless coward so he should just be ignored until he is brave enough to show his face.

Gbolahan said “I knew investigating the NBM was a dangerous business but my journey was nearly over and I needed answers. After weeks of negotiation, the President of the Neo-Black Movement agreed to meet with me”. – 41-37 minutes

Why is it a dangerous business when NBM is not faceless like those he interviewed earlier in Makoko?

After an heated interview in which the NBM President and his legal team vehemently defended their organisation.
The President stated categorically “NBM is not Black Axe”….”NBM has nothing to do with criminality”…..”NBM is an organisation that tends to help achieve greatness in the world”. – 45:17 minutes

As a journalist, I am sure an interview of this magnitude couldn’t have been less than 2 hours but the biased journalist had selected a 10 seconds highlight. This looks like a cheap blackmail else Mr. Gbolahan should release the full video.

He continued “Weeks after our interview, the FBI arrested more than 35 NBM members in the US and South Africa charged with multimillion dollars internet fraud. The NBM claimed all the individuals involved have been suspended indefinitely but the US department of justice statements names the Neo-Black Movement of Africa as a criminal organisation and part of the Black Axe”. – 45:38 minutes

On the internet o, I am aware they arrested women too. Do NBM members now initiate women? The internet also wrote that the NBM had suspended 9 of its members involved in internet fraud and other unlawful activities. Uncle Gbolahan says it is 35.

Dr. John “Stone” Osazuwa said “When I was killing, someone will be begging you in the name of Jesus, in the name of God…It’s horrible !” – 46:26 minutes

I don’t know why he has not been arrested and show the security agencies the dead bodies since he has agreed to killing. I think everybody should answer to their crime.


Gbolahan Macjob is working ahead of his political sojourn in 2023. He needs attention reason he is digging into cultism in government. Dr. Stone and Kabaka stated categorically that there are cultist is Nigerian Army, Police, Government House and this is the real motive behind the 52 minutes character defaming documentary in which NBM, a Pan-African organisation is at the receiving end. YES! The NBM might have bad eggs but so those every other organisation around the world.

Perhaps if Gbolahan had taken time to dissect the recent death of Sylvester Oromoni, a 12 year old who died after injuries sustained from a cultist initiation at Dowen College in Lagos then he would have won an oscar else the documentary is just a charade.

What do you expect from someone who was sacked by the Ministry of Information Ogun State for travel scam and human trafficking. Gbolahan got it wrong when he involved politics into his journalism.

Watchout for Gbolahan Macjob in 2023 Ogun politics then you’d remember this article if you have read it with an open mind like I advised.

I am patiently waiting……


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