Walking down the street will awaken your spirit to the realities of the world; the street is a mirror of all activities both promising and deteriorating. We have not seen the street in this perspective but have driven their perception of the street as a negative phenomenon; we do not see the good in the street because we have been blind to the good of the street.

Imperatively, the street has produced valour that has striven for the societal development; it has venture in activities that will see the unity strides are made possible. Recalling global heroes and heroines, they are resident of the street who with zealous and agitating instincts drove their actions to the development of their entities; we can not live and be comfortable without the persistence and perseverance of the street.

The world has seen the street as the Black people, they believe that nothing good can come from the Black people but today we have become modelled people of great virtue; in all ramifications of the world, the Black people are in vital status dictating and driving the vehicle of development.

The Black people are now people with no restraints because they possess perseverance spirit which has made them become successful no matter the state they find themselves. Today, the Black people can not be undermined because their brains is of great use to the global existence; the world can not be safe and secured nor grow without the contribution of the Black race.

The Black people are the inevitable street as the towns and cities can not grow without them; thus, the world can not perceive growth or progress without due regards to the Black people. The Black race is the mirror of the world that will awaken the world to her realities; though the Black people were once undermined but today they have been driven as promising beings who will ensure the developmental strides of the world is a success.

NOTE: As you cannot undermine the street as an accomplice of cities’ development and as you cannot detest the consumption of water so is the Black people; they are the inevitable street that the world must take cognisance, respect and promote.

-Umudjere Africaman
Convener, Youths for Presidency Movement

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