A Pan African is one that practices Pan Africanism; Pan Africanism is an ideology that professes an inward and outward expression of love for Africa and her people

A Pan African is an individual (man/woman;boy/girl) that is ready to see all resources needed to enhance the developmental stride of the mother land (Africa) are provided. A Pan African is one that is ready to sacrifice his or her time, wealth, life prospects, energy in projecting the unity and development of the mother land.

Beloved Black people may I tell you that a Pan African does not necessarily mean one must be an African; many people today regret not to be of the Africa descent. I have some friends who have devoted their time, wealth and energy with me in the Black struggle; they often tell me their regrets of not be a true African blood. They are always ready when I call them for Black struggle programs and they often posit needed assistance to successfully achieve such programs.

Verily, I say unto them that a Pan African is one who has in-depth and outward expression of love for Africa and her people; this buttress my assertion and elicit these non-nationalized Africans as Pan Africans. Whoever that tends to drive his or her vehicle towards attaining a United and developed Africa is indeed a Pan African; the likes of Fidel Castro, Che Guevara etc who were predominant aids to Africa in her quest for liberation. These people are Pan Africans because they posted an inward and outward expression of love for Africa and her people.

On the other hand, not all Africans are Pan Africans, some Africans are worse than the imperialists; they can do anything to foil the pace of the Black struggle. This is envisage in some Africans who rant in the media, propagating ideas, concepts and sponsoring programs that contribute little or no effort to the Black struggle; this set of Africans are much as they engage in the talking phase, they are scared to go into action. The likes of many of our African leaders constitute bulk of this group and have over these decades consistently become the trembling blocks we persevered to overcome.

A Pan African must be ready to venture in actions that can see Black people through their suffering and become full independent people. An African who can not drive the words of the ancestors to positive actions is not significant for the Black struggle; we must adhere to the ancestral words of wisdom and exhibit them through our actions.

Do you know the words of Kwame Nkrumah is still hanging?

Ancestor Kwame Nkrumah proposed the prophetic “United Africa State” at a time we never believed the colonialists will never come back; he knew the importance of full freedom for Africa and her people, he was conscious that the colonialists were not happy leaving and must stage measures to be ever-around us. This he proposed the need for all African independent countries to merge and form the United Africa State but many other countries objected to this proposition; Julius Nyerere was one of the foremost leaders that objected and later regretted his action because the colonialists never left Africa.

I am a Pan African not because I am an African, not because I have decided to teach the gospel and prospect of the Black struggle but I am Pan African because I have decided to venture in actions that will see to the validity of my teachings. We must be true to Pan Africanism by becoming true Africans having Africa and her people at heart.

Onward with the United Africa State

Revolutionary Regards,

Umudjere Africaman
National coordinator
Pan Africa Federalist Movement (PAFM), Nigeria

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